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Padding was installed underneath the carpet throughout the entire home, except for the kitchen and bathroom.

Within approximately 4 – 6 months, the consumer began to experience adverse health symptoms. He woke up with the skin around his eyes swollen. This started happening every night. This led to an intense burning sensation in the right eye.

10/2020: He developed intense coughing and wheezing, and his eye problem persisted. He went from 20/20 to 20/40 with his eye vision. He developed a stigmatism in both eyes. His symptoms improve when he is away from the home. He has to rinse his eyes before leaving the home.

NOTE: He also had the home painted around the same time. The consumer contacted the paint manufacturer, ([REDACTED]) and reported the problem to them. They sent him a list of ingredients (MSD Sheets). The paint company also paid for a home indoor air quality test. High levels of ethanol were discovered, but the company who conducted the testing, could not tell him where it was coming from.

The consumer contacted the carpet company, but they would not take responsibility for the matter and did not offer any assistance with resolving the matter.

The air quality test was done in approximately 10/2020. This is around the time frame that he began to experience symptoms.


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