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Caller is reporting that the open toolbox latch caused laceration to her right lower leg when she stepped back, there was profuse bleeding because she is in blood thinners, and a vein was knicked. She was seen at urgent care and received stitches, however, the next day she noticed the wound was infected, and she went to her PCP. It wasn’t until later that the PCP decided to put her on antibiotics. She stated that the latches are razor sharp which are extremely unsafe. She stated that she purchased the toolbox approximately 15 years ago this was the first incident.

Caller stated that the manufacturer was not contacted as yet.

Caller feels that this product is a safety hazard and should be reported.

Report update 12/12/22:
I contacted Craftsman after making this report, and Craftsman took a report.

Pictures of tool box are attached to this email.

Update: As of 12-2-22, when I last saw my PCP, I was still fighting infection and swelling. My PCP stated the laceration may be abscessed, and told me to keep an eye on the injury for the next two weeks.



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