We started using our new Thermador LP range oven in Fall 2021. The first time I turned on the stove, a huge flame exploded in my face. My two young children were in the kitchen with me and our carbon monoxide meter/detector started beeping nonstop! It turned out the unit had the wrong LP conversion kit.
[REDACTED] finally came to switch out the kits weeks later after Thermador provided the correct one. Since then, the stove/oven has simply not been functional. I have taken off work a dozen times due to BSH/Thermador service techs having to come for one repair after another (uncontrollable flame with blue tips, oven temperature not accurate, oven not holding temperature, constant beeping from the oven even though there are no electricals whatsoever, etc). The Thermador tech, [REDACTED], is either incompetent or deceptive. He supposedly adjusted the flame control, switched out the entire “module” and 2 blower fans and insisted that would solve all the issues. The issues persist making the stove/oven useless and dangerous – and today, he says all these issues are normal just b/c he cannot fix them. Apparently, the beeping is not from the blower fans like he said at the last service appt; the beeping is now from the metal floor of the oven?
The tech is clearly incentivized to have people keep faulty defective products rather than report the issues accurately to Thermador so that they take responsibility. Given all the issues I have experienced and the ongoing issues that persist, I am terrified of using this unit due to the constant beeping that sounds like a ticking bomb about to explode. I have spent hundreds of hours dealing with customer service and Thermador techs on these issues. This is a new Thermador stove.


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