We lost our home in the Easter tornados of 2020. We had only been in that new construction since December of 2017. We started this new construction 4/15/2021. Due to the Covid situation, we began ordering supplies early on from previous construction because of the supply and demand problems. All purchases needed a minimum of three to six months prior to any delivery estimate, and were given an estimated delivery date on ANY APPLIANCE, of one year. We purchased from previous experiences, and by previous models. We made purchase in June of 2021, for all appliances, and was requested to make a 50% deposit. By mistake our salesman charged the full amount instead of a deposit. I let it stand because we knew what we wanted and the appliances, even though were a year out of expected delivery, would be paid for and would not become an extra expense at the end of the building phase. We purchased a new KitchenAid Pro Gas Range that was installed on or in the days immediately after April 6, 2022. The range turns “on” without any physical action. The range will turn on simply by clothes touching the dials as a person walks by, even though we have not physically felt any physical interaction, but can only imagine clothes some how touching the dials, as no physical contact takes place. The range has already started one fire. The range has also burned the right side of my hand while cleaning it. The manufacturer is no longer answering any emails concerning the danger. We were contacted on a Saturday morning and a representative who did not identify herself, and did not in the beginning of the call, tell either of us the reason for calling. She wanted to tell me what goes on in my home with the range instead of any attempt to listen to the actual happenings. I thought she was calling in response to my email of Friday 11/18/2022 , the night before, reporting the injury I sustained. She told me after denying my date of delivery, that she refused to read the documents that I had furnished. She refused to read the description of the sales invoice which showed beneath the range’s description, the delivery date, even though she admitted to reading from it during the call, as we spoke. I was told after I explained both husband and I are disabled, and was concerned to let our monthly cleaner near the range, that it turns on “by itself” so easily for handicapped people. I was told that our clothing was turning it on from contact and that was normal. I was told since it worked no repair was needed. I did not ask for repair. I reported a severe safety fire issue. I sent in pictures. No response. I asked for her direct email and was refused. I wanted to send her, since she was refusing to read information in front of her, and as she was reading from the invoice, that has under the range description, the delivery date, I was hoping she would change her attitude and do what was right. I was on my cell and the call dropped. No return call. No return emails. I emailed the company three times from their original email to me requesting the information I sent in, describing the call from the unnamed representative, and as I had requested from her a supervisor and she had also refused my request, I again asked for another person, above the unnamed representative, to call or contact me, but not her, again, at any time. I sent in the email from our appliance salesman giving the date of delivery and explanation of why the entire amount was paid in advance. Twice. No response. I had called in for a safety inspection. I have been ignored several times. I tried to call the safety department several times with no success. I tried to call the KitchenAid company several times with no response and I was unable to leave any message. I reported the safety issue 11/13/2022, the first time. I reported the self clean situation in same call. The Safety Dept., called me 11/15/2022, and left a voicemail. The woman who called the day after my burn of 11/18, was calling to follow up ONLY the call to me of 11/15 where they left a voicemail. I added them to my contacts so all calls would come through. I was unable to determine corporate email/number as all too conflicting. I sent in pictures of the dials that do not align to the manufacturer. I have been ignored concerning my report of injury. The range has repeatedly turned on a gas grate by just walking past the appliance. The range was purchased because we had the same model in our home we now call the tornado house. However that range had a control lock that prevented the range coming on while cleaning. This one does not. The KitchenAid Company has a long message about Covid back orders, still on their current message while on hold, but will not recognize my range being back ordered until my delivery date even though proof has been supplied. For my first call, I had to wait over an hour and a half before I could speak to a customer service representative. We were Already moving into this new construction home, before the range was delivered. I sent in all the proof, prior to call of 11/19/2022, where woman refused to acknowledge actual possession date and warranty date of 4/6/2022. I had ordered KitchenAid garbage disposal on same invoice as all appliances but was still on back order at time of delivery so had to go to Lowes and substitute another brand so it could be installed by contractor at time of all other appliances. I have fully registered the product long before my calls and used the delivery/install date of April 6, 2022. I provided proof of delivery. Since the 70’s between Jenn Air appliances, and KitchenAid appliances, we’ve have spent close to $30,000, with this company and feel totally ripped off by the company’s action to a very serious safety fire hazard. I cannot get the oven to self clean without having to go to phone app. The Range will not manually self clean even though there is a manual dial choice on the actual range. The Range has turned on an “eye” by itself so many times, my husband and I are terrified we and our pets are going to be burned alive in our sleep regardless of our required alarms as we are now 70 and 76. The Company has shown they could care less. We paid $6299.00, plus tax for the range of $9.25%, plus delivery, and it had a retail at time of purchase of $7599.00., and has a current MSRP of $8399.00 per their website on todays date of 11/30/2022. We have completely lost all hope of the manufacturer responding to this very serious situation and them honoring our date of possession for any warranty situation, which both the malfunction of self cleaning only, happening without use of their app, and the problem with the self starting fires/lighting and the knobs not being properly aligned, are being ignored. We believe that due to the Covid back order situation, with the supply and demand problems, they first dropped the control lock out functionality due to cost and haste in manufacturing appliances and the defective alignment of knobs and self lighting, is with absolutely no regard to the consumer and their only concern is their profits, even to the extent of being told there is a life danger situation. These concerns have been proven to us by their utter lack of acknowledgement of both the delivery date and the lack of response to all proof given on possession, and fire to the new home and my injury. Thanking you in advance for any help you may be able to offer us in regards to this, in our opinion, defective and deadly appliance.


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