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My son has a Microsoft Surface pro that has an ion lithium battery that is leaking, causing the screen to bulge out and creates a potentially dangerous situation as the laptop can either catch fire or explode (remember the exploding laptops of the 90’s? Yeah, those). In researching this issue, I have learned that this is a “common” issue with this particular Surface pro and Microsoft is fully aware of it. They were actually “aware” of it prior to putting these products on the market and have admitted as much. However, they refuse to recall them, repair, or replace them but instead is willing to only do so at the expense of the consumer to the tune of $600 plus, parts, plus shipping/handling, etc. The complaints I have seen/ read are in the 1000’s. This company sells defective products to the consumer, for us at $3k, KNOWING that they are defective, and have, at the most a 3 yr life (which is why the extended warranty is increased to 3 years) knowing they will expire at the end of the warranty life, then admit they know about but want you to PAY them to fix it for you!!! This constitutes fraud in my book. Putting the lives of consumers in harms way, selling defective products, with no warning or discount compared to non-defective products then expect the consumer to PAY THEM to fix THEIR KNOWN ISSUE with their defective products, is high tech bait-and-switch by one of the wealthiest companies in the world!!! It’s literally the definition of a scam!!!


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