I purchased this Walmart Branded Gaming Laptop (Overpowered OP-LP2) on April 1, 2019. I use this laptop normally for classes and work at a desk. Recently, I noticed the touchpad begin to bulge upwards and stopped functioning. I then looked inside the laptop and saw the battery was very swollen (please see attached pictures). I have previously owned 3 laptops and NONE of them have ever had their batteries swell. This Overpowered Laptop battery should not have swollen in such a short amount of time. According to [REDACTED], the electrolytes in this battery are degraded and shorting. This means these batteries are on a thermal runaway which can lead to a fire or an explosion. I can no longer take this laptop on flights because it will put all the other passengers at risk. This is a dangerous defective battery. When an [REDACTED] or [REDACTED] has a swollen battery in such a short about of time, [REDACTED] will replace the device immediately regardless if the device is out of warranty. In fact, [REDACTED] got sued in 2021 over swollen batteries. Even if my laptop battery was replaced, there may be internal hardware damage from the swollen battery.

For weeks I kept calling Walmart for a resolution. But Walmart just kept transferring me back and forth between different departments or said they would get back to me. Walmart later gave me the phone numbers to the customer support team they setup for this Walmart branded laptop, and their supplier (E&S Enterprises), both of whom never picked up the phone after numerous calls I made for days. There was no one I could reach out to for a solution. Walmart allowed these suppliers do as they please without any accountability or repercussion, even if they produce defective batteries that can harm the consumer. The Walmart rep [REDACTED] from the Walmart Customer Care Team falsely said this Overpowered laptop “is not a Walmart Brand Laptop”. This is false since Walmart did launch this line of gaming laptops making it their brand:


But after a few years in the gaming computer industry, Walmart failed and left us customers to fend for ourselves with hazardous batteries.

I am probably the first customer of this Overpowered laptop to report this to Walmart since I was proactive enough to check the battery after seeing the touchpad bulge upwards and stop functioning. But what about the other customers who are still using this laptop with a swollen battery since it has been just 3 years? If they take this battery on an airplane, they will put all the other passengers at risk since swollen laptop batteries can catch fire or explode. If this happens Walmart will be very liable now that they know about this defect from my many emails and phone calls where nothing got done. Walmart is clearly not trying to protect their customers after learning from me they sold defective dangerous batteries to consumers. This should be investigated to determine if Walmart should recall their Overpowered Gaming Laptops.

Additional Information:
UPC: 812550031058
Brand name: OVERPOWERED (Walmart Branded Laptop)
Model number: OP-LP2
Serial #: OP-LP2BK18J01740

Product Page:

Dangers of Swollen Batteries Article:

[REDACTED] Sued Over Swollen Batteries Breaking Screens


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