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My name is [REDACTED]. I reside at [REDACTED]. Home phone number is [REDACTED], cell phone [REDACTED]. My son is [REDACTED]and he is 4 years old (male). I am a consumer who purchased a pair boys swim suit trunks from the store Crazy 8. They have piranhas all over the suit and went for as much as $14.95. He was having a fun day at a friend’s swimming pool (address provided below)when he later complained of feeling “stuck” in his bathing suit. As I am investigating the problem, I notice that his penis is pinched in the mesh lining of the trunk. The pinched area looked like a red blister. I proceed to cut the bathing suit to try to relieve him of pain and discomfort removing the entire suit with the exception of a small piece of mesh around his penis. We rush him to the nearest emergency room. The name of the hospital is Raritan Bay Medical Center One Hospital Plaza Old Bridge, NJ 08857, Phone #732-360-1000. This incident happened on July 11, 2011. The fabric was removed but was done so without harm and I have pictures to prove. He was given a prescription for antibiotics, told to give him pain med such as children’s Ibuprofen, apply ice to the wound and follow up with his pediatrician the next day, which I did.


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