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LA-Z-BOY Rocker/Recliner: Finley #010747 with curved front arms especially with slicker fabrics is a dangerous design flaw especially noticed when attempting to stand upright from the sitting position of the rocker:
I have had many LA-Z-BOY rocker/recliners over the years. This is the very first one I have ever fallen to the floor trying to stand up from. I am a strong and healthy senior and I still am felling pained from this serious fall over twelve hours ago.
The arms of this rocker recliner are curved downward so that when you go to get up your hands must press on the end of the arms which of course causes the rocker to slant down. This is normal. What is not normal or alright is the downward slant of these curved arms to the front of the rocker/recliner which can produce a dangerous situation. This stocked chair comes with a less textured and slicker fabric which adds to the hands being able to easily slide off the arms of the chair while you are rising.
After being seated for an hour or so and In attempting to lift myself up off this chair into a standing position the downward pressure on these forward curving, slicker fabric arms cause my hands to unexpectedly slide off these curved arms causing a totally unexpected and harsh fall to the floor.
I feel that this situation is particular to this curved arm chair and the chair should probably be discontinued or at least have a warning notice of the possibility of a dangerous situation with a serious fall on exiting the chair.


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