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Kidde Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms fail reporting false positives at a near 100% rate. I have had at least 5 of these units fail in my house over the past 4 years. These are very expensive units, approx $50 each, and I have at least 5 locations in my home with units installed. These units fail at random, reporting false positive results at complete random times, most recently this morning at 2 am. The only recourse is to permanently disable the unit, following the instructions on the back of the unit, as if this exact event is not only not surprising but expected by the manufacturer. This has resulted in, best case scenario waking up my entire family in the middle of the night hearing a fire alarm, to the more extreme of a full fire department response and searching of the house, wasting time and resources for this garbage, expensive product. Just searching your database, this appears to be a frequent occurrence for this product, despite the company calling it “rare.” I have previously contacted the company about this problem, and they have replaced the units at no cost. However when the products continue to fail, they question the install location, the environmental causes and anything else to deflect responsibility, despite the product apparently working perfectly fine at first. And that leads me to my most important concern, does this product even work at all? I have no way of knowing and absolutely zero confidence that it will report accurate positive warnings when it fails so reliably reporting false positives. Get this garbage product off the market before it kills people. And please spare me the indignity of responding to this complaint with this standard word soup that can be found throughout this database: “It is Kidde’s mission to help protect people and property from fire and its related hazards. We are committed to engineering and manufacturing quality products, which is why all of Kidde’s products meet or exceed the strict third-party standards set by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), an independent, not-for-profit testing agency. In the rare occurrence of an incident such as the one reported, we request that the customer supply us with the alarm identified in their report and information regarding the incident. We will then conduct a thorough examination of the alarm in order to identify any potential issue with the alarm and required corrective actions, if any.” Well done corporate lawyer, you’ve really covered the landscape there and accepted zero responsibility. I am done with this manufacturer. I do not trust them or their products. My only recourse now is to find another manufacturer in a consolidated market with few options. My choices are limited and it will be costly, but this manufacturer has proven to be completely untrustworthy.


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