A bedroom set by International Furniture Direct, Rustic Light-Finish Collection was purchased from American Furniture Warehouse (AFW) on Thursday, September 8, 2022. A partial delivery of furniture was made on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, which included a bedframe, tv stand, upright chest of drawers, and two nightstands. We noticed immediately that there were sharp corners on the furniture that were potentially dangerous, especially the chest of drawers that was at eye level for me, the short female, and the bedframe footboard, which sticks out much further than the mattress and rails, to match the headboard. There was also some “distressing” on the tv stand that I felt was too sharp, especially with a newborn in the family who would be pulling up and walking within the year.I immediately called Customer Service about the sharp edges on the tv stand, and AFW agreed to send out a technician on Saturday, September 17 to make an evaluation as to whether that piece was damaged or distressed. The technician said it was part of the distressing, but said that if I was concerned about my new granddaughter that he could fill in the two sharp “chips” on the tv stand with epoxy, which he expertly did, matching the stone color of the trim. While he was working, I mentioned that I was likewise concerned about the sharp corners on the furniture, because my husband had cut his leg on the footboard the day after the set was delivered, (Sept. 14, 2022), while it was dark in the room. The technician said that this particular set was very popular, and that he himself had one, or a similar set, and had softened the edges of his own footboard. Today, Saturday, September 24, 2022, my husband walked into the corner of the chest of drawers in the dark, and I hurt him say “ouch” and knew from where he was that he had hit the chest, which, if I had done it, would have injured my eye. We had just put a rubber bumper on the corner of the chest of drawers, thankfully, so it did not cut. I am going to contact customer service and advise them of this issue of sharp corners today, but this is an issue which has potential to injure or ruin an eye, or severely injure another body part on an individual, depending on their height. I am very concerned about my grandchild putting out her eye on the sharp corner of the low footboard or injure her mouth or teeth when she starts pulling up and standing. This popular rustic set has the potential of injuring many others too. Even if the company agrees to modify my set, I believe this to be a public safety issue that AFW, IFD and governing U.S. agencies should look into quickly.
Another issue I noticed is that the Country of Origin tag was attached to my furniture when delivered, but was not attached to the set in the showroom. We had no idea that the set was made in Mexico. The name, American Furniture Warehouse seems to be a misnomer, as it led me to believe the furniture it sold to be made in America, but the IFD website says, “made in North-America,” showing the U.S., Mexican and Canadian flags. The fact that the tag, “Hecho en Mexico” is not on the showroom floor furniture speaks volumes, though.
It seems that most safety rules cover furniture to be used by children, but this set will be “accessed” by children. If the set is already hurting adults, a child who is shorter may suffer even more devastating injuries.
Another issue was the headboard had a crack which went partway through the right top post, and was sharp. I showed this to the technician when he arrived on September 17, and told him it looked as if the post had been previously repaired with epoxy, which split. He did not believe it had been epoxied, and said the difference in sound when tapped was due to the piece of wood separating from the piece underneath it. The headboard and the rest of the bedframe was replaced on Tuesday September 20. I had reported this issue the day of delivery, September 13, the day before injury to my husband’s leg from hitting the footboard in the dark.
The manufacturer does not allow contact with them, but rather refer to the AFW point of sale in the U.S. A problem with complaining to AFW is that they admonish with a 15% restocking fee on any item returned. I am concerned that this will be the issue with this set, because they have so far replaced/repaired any damaged item.


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