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The consumer indicates that she sprayed her insecticide and did so at such angle where it accidentally got on two of her fingers. Approximately an hour later, the same two fingers went numb for between five to ten minutes. Shortly after her face and mouth went numb and she was unable to speak for about fifteen seconds. Two days later the consumer went to the Doctor but was informed that too much time had passed to be able to treat it; she was also told keep notes about how she has been feeling.

The numbness feeling has been coming and going for the past three weeks and lasts variable times as well as affects different areas of her right side of her body.

09/21/2022 – The consumer went to the Doctor and was informed that her lower right lung has started spasm.

The consumer states that she used the unit once inside her home and once outside her home.

The consumer plans on keeping the insecticide spray for at least the next thirty days in case an investigation ensues.


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