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11/8/2022: The 72” tall, 205 lbs., consumer was using the tree stand, when it failed. He said that the tree stand is rated for 300 lbs. capacity. He was not injured.

The tree stand has a base and seat. When you push up on the seat and lift your legs, the seat raises, similar to a car jack. He was raising the height of the stand when it failed.

The consumer contacted the manufacturer by email and reported the problem to them. The firm’s rep. repeatedly told him that the product has a 1 year warranty and there was nothing they would do for him.

Approximately 3 – 4 years ago, the consumer had an identical tree stand, which was made by this same exact manufacturer, and it failed in the exact same manner. He was not injured. He called the manufacturer and reported it to them. They sent him this replacement stand, and asked him to send the old one back to them in the same box, and he did as requested.

The consumer noted that most hunters only use these stands a couple times per year and put them up. So they could have an issue and not be aware of it.

The consumer said this presents a definite safety hazard, especially since it was a replacement tree stand sent by the manufacturer.


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