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I purchased a new Honda P1000 UTV, Model SXS10M3DLM ([REDACTED]) on 10/13/2022. Right after delivery I reported to the Honda dealership (Rock Hill Powersports, Rock Hill, SC) that there was a problem with the driver’s door that it does not latch securely. The door was difficult to latch and opens up on its own accord when driving.
The door hinge was loose and at first it was thought that the bushings in the door itself were faulty. The dealership ordered replacement hinge bushing, but on trying to replace the bushings, it was found that the there was an issue with the door itself, apparently a faulty molding of the plastic door during manufacture. The dealership tried to urgently order a new door from Honda, but they were informed that there was a backlog on replacement doors. It appears that this is a more extensive problem than just in my case. Honda could not provide the dealership with a date when the replacement door would be available.
After waiting 2 weeks and with no further updates from Honda to the dealership, I decided to contact Honda Powersports Customer Relations on 12/6/2022. I was assigned a case number ([REDACTED]). I informed the case manager that I had fallen out of the UTV (12/8/2022), but fortunately I was uninjured at it happened at very low speed and I had fallen onto soft grass. I always wear a seat belt, but when I fell out of the vehicle, I could not wear the seatbelt as I had to quickly access the bison herd through a farm gate and I have to do this under 15 seconds, otherwise I run the risk of being trampled by the wild bison.
I informed the case manager of the urgency of the matter as I use the vehicle for my work, as I am a bison rancher. After various follow up calls with the case manager (on 12/6; 12/13 and 12/21), I was told that Honda still had no idea when the replacement door would be available.
I feel that Honda were aware of this problem before I called them, and has done nothing to mitigate the danger of the matter of the faulty door. Due to the nature of my work as bison rancher, I have no other option but to use this UTV. The UTV I had before the Honda was traded in to purchase this Honda.
I would appreciate it if the CPSC could urgently investigate this matter and maybe get a satisfactory response from Honda. Thank you for allowing me to bring this matter to your attention.


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