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Caller had generator in garage all Summer with no problems at all until she went out to start her car around October 23rd, 2022 and smelled gas.

She drained the little gas that was in it and then placed the unit outside. She researched and found her model number on a recall with release# [REDACTED] but no match with her serial Number.

She tried to contact the firm (MWE Investments) but could not make contact with them although she held for 20 minutes,
I called the hotline for the release at 1:07PM heard recording that said, “Your position in the queue is one”. Then every minute until 1:29PM the recording repeated ” We apologize for the delay.” Called four (4) times with similar results.

Contacted Westinghouse via email and was told this unit is not included in the recall despite having the same problems as the recalled units

The caller is asking that her serial number be added to this recall but with help for the remedy.


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