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I’ve owned four models of OneWheel and have ridden them since the v1 came out. I have lots of experience with pushback and know how to ride my OneWheels. I can confidently state that the two times I experienced being “dropped” were not my pushing through pushback. I alerted FutureMotion when it happend and they denied any issue with the board. It is the only of the 4 boards I’ve had this issue with and I know it was not my riding. One time I had just started off, hadn’t even made it 10′ and wasn’t anywhere near the speeds where pushback would occur, I started going and after ~8′ it just dropped the nose and I was on the ground. The other time I was riding along the levy by the river and going under a bridge, there was no pushback, the board just stopped. I have let FutureMotion know when seeing class action suits that I strongly believe they should look deeper at a malfunction in their boards and not write off this issue but they continue to deny it. I love the OneWheels and completely agree it is a risky sport and one should always wear protection. I am also convinced that some of the boards are defective and can randomly stop. Mine was a OneWheel+ model, but I’m sure 9x% of the Plus model and all OneWheel models are probably fully functional, but there is a percentage that are not.


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