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I had used Clorox Pine Sol Lemon Fresh throughout the month of October. I use it on our floors and for spot cleaning. On October 28th I began running a high fever and feeling very ill with stomach and pelvic pain and migraine type head pain. On November 2nd, I went to my primary doctor and she ran some bloodwork and urine analysis as I was still running a high fever and still feeling ill. On November 5th, I received a phone call from my primary doctor’s office advising me to go to the ER as they would need to admit for IV antibiotics and fluids for a very rare and aggressive bacterial infection called Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. I spent two days in the hospital recieving multiple IV antibiotics. I was discharged with 10 days worth of [REDACTED], however, I was still running a fever and after outpatient labs were taken again it was determined I still had the infection. I was then place on [REDACTED] 500 mg on November 15th for 10 days. I am still running a fever and still extremely ill. I have since found out that Clorox Pine Sol Lemon Fresh was recalled and I have one of the lot numbers of the recalled products and that was what I was using prior to becoming ill. It is also known to have this specific rare bacteria. There is nowhere else for me to have contracted this bacteria from other than this product.


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