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Sitting watching TV, and it Just shut off by itself. I picked up the remote to turn it back on, but nothing. Then I saw black smoke coming from the back of the TV. I jumped up and ran to the tv and flames were shooting up from the back of the tv. I quickly uplugged it, and then the fire went out. This happened on 11/21/2022. It is a 32 inch element HD LED TV

Manufacturer - Importer Name:
Element TV Company, LP


Model Name or Number:

Date Manufactured:


Purchase Date:



Report Date:

Injury (Yes or No):
Incident, No Injury

Victim' Age:

Company Comments:
(11/30/2022) Element TV Company, LP: Element Electronics received no notice of this incident until it was notified on November 28, 2022, by the CPSC of the subject report made by the customer. Following notice of this report by the CPSC, Element reached out to the customer by telephone to obtain more information about the reported incident so that Element could conduct an investigation. Element’s customer service team requested that the customer make the television referenced in the subject report available for pickup, at which point the customer informed Element that she had disposed of the unit. When asked for further details of the incident or additional photographs to assist Element with its investigation, the customer informed Element that she was not able to provide any further information or photographic evidence. Nevertheless, Element offered to send the customer a new product of the same model as a replacement of the product at issue in this report, which the customer agreed to. Following her receipt of the replacement product, Element will reach out to the customer once more to determine whether the original unit at issue in this report may in fact be available, as Element is still interested in obtaining the subject product back from the customer so that it can perform an inspection to investigate the reported claim. Based on the limited information provided in this report, the unavailability of the unit at issue for the purpose of conducting a further investigation at this time, and the fact that no other similar claims have been made by consumers regarding this model product, Element concludes that NO hazard exists with respect to the 32” Roku Element flat screen TV.


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