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I have been dealing with a Home Depot location since July about 3 Andersen Storm Doors purchased through them and installed by one of their 3rd party companies. However, throughout the many issues so far the biggest and most overlooked by both the Home Depot Store in Bethel Park, PA and the Rep. for Andersen Doors being a [REDACTED] for not bothering to take the issue seriously. He refused to speak, provide an email requested in writing to the Home Depot manager [REDACTED]. The problem at hand is the screws/pins in the bottom of the door that hold the closer the door and the frame can be picked out by a 1.5 yr old is unacceptable. My son is 18 months old and 2x now pops the pins/screws out with his two fingers and has attempted to eat them. The rest below is part of 2 page email sent to HD over the weekend and truly I am disguested by the complete lack of concern and disregard to this. A CHILD WI


“[REDACTED] I know when I was in the store you took the time to look at the displays and other brands to see how they were set. I do not put this on HD or the Installers, however Andersen Doors need to address this. [REDACTED] I know you said you would reach out to your rep and I also requested a point of contact for Andersen, since during our conversation you felt they may come back with something along the lines of “well your kid shouldn’t’ be playing with the door”. Can you please supply me with a person of contact there?
Again I apologize, but if that’s that stance HD or Andersen takes, there are bigger problems at play. This is a defect in design for sure. By no means should a child, a baby, not even 2 ,should be able to pick a screw out of a door. It is a design flaw, by no doubt. [REDACTED] I know you said when open they should have a tension on the door so that these cannot be pulled out, however I should be able to have my front door open and have my all glass storm door closed when I want without the fear of a micro screw being pulled out swallowed by my baby.
It takes 1 child to die for a major lawsuit and with the idea of anyone to blow off that C-Clamps or a better design is not needed, is in my opinion very grotesque, given the details. I hope Andersen steps up on this and to hear a more concerned response once you hear from them.”

The HD manager called me back this morning after my entire email. Explain that [REDACTED] the situation and email and his response was for me to just contact their customer service to start a claim. He refused his email or direct contact. I just demanded it from HD since I am currently on hold for over 30 mins with a person in India speaking broken English. I want Andersen held responsible. When a child does die due this lack of concern and pure greed from these companies I have ensured to include all correspondence in writing.


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