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2017: The ATV caught fire, while sitting on a trailer. It was in the off position at the time. A cylinoid, wench, underneath the seat is what caught fire. The consumer used several fire extinguishers to put out the flames.

She took it back to the dealer for service. Approximately 10 months later, the ATV was repaired. It had to be taken to a different dealership to have the repair completed. The original dealer had been sold to another dealer.

The 2nd dealer removed the damaged parts and ordered replacement parts.

Also in 2017, the original dealer, cleaned up the machine, but did not replace the winch or broken parts. When the consumer tried to use it, the ATV began taking on water by the clutch. Plus machine was overheating with antifreeze boiling out of radiator.

The consumer then took the ATV to Krammers Service Center, in Sydney, ME, as original dealership was over 2 hours away refused to evaluate these issues.

In Mid-August-2017, the consumer discovered that the firewall between the 2 seats, melted, because the engine was getting excessively hot. Machine again brought to Kramers as original dealership refused to evaluate these issues. Kramers noted that 8/31/2017: The manufacturer issued a cease sales for the years: 2014 – 2017, of this vehicle.

9/2017: The consumer took the machine to Krammers to show the firewall melting and she was told by this dealer that they had to leave the ATV there, because it was recalled and unsafe to use. The dealer’s rep. (Kramers) told her that the manufacturer would have to determine how to resolve the issue. It took over 6 months to receive and repair machine.

NOTE: In the mean-time, the vehicle’s warranty expired.

6/2018: The consumer used the ATV and it started emitting smoke from underneath the front hood. The consumer stopped using it and contacted Krammers. She went back and forth with this service center and told them that it was not repaired properly the last time that it was brought in. When she got it back, the vehicle had been repaired.

2019: The UTV was used very little that year. Secondary to owners health issues.

8/2020: The oil sending unit plug malfunctioned and the machine began to rattle during use. The consumer stopped the vehicle immediately and turned it off.

There was oil all over the motor, so they had the vehicle towed back to their campsite.

The consumer called the manufacturer and was referred to the previous service dealer. She took it back to Krammers for service. Their representatives told her it would $7000.00 for a new motor, because all of the oil had drained from the vehicle.

The dealer’s rep.(Kramer’s Inc Sidney, ME) told the consumer that the manufacturer was not receptive to claims and she would have to deal with them herself.

She has tried contacting the manufacturer numerous times about the latter issues.. She has left several messages for the firm, but they have not called her back. She joined the dealer’s forum on-line and contacted other dealers, who tried to forward her information to the manufacturer.

The consumer said that the manufacturer was sold to a firm named Textron.

She has been dealing with this more over 2 years, but has been unsuccessful.

Fall-2020: She also contacted her state Attorney General Office (AG) and tried to resolve this issue. The AG’s office has attempted to contact the firm as well, but has not been able to get in touch with a live person.

Manufacturer - Importer Name:
Arctic Cat Inc.

Artic Cat Wild Cat Sport

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Not Provided

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Not Provided

Lebanon Maine NE Motorsports

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Injury (Yes or No):
Incident, No Injury

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Not Provided

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